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How many times in your lifetime would you expect the average homeowner to replace a new driveway? Once or twice, maybe three times? Therefore, how much does the average homeowner really know about the proper steps to installing a new driveway?

Lackluster companies and “fly-by-night” pavers take full advantage of this knowledge while decreasing the quality of work to maximize their profits. Of course, any driveway will look nice as soon as the project is completed. However, the problems begin to arise months or only a couple short years later, when at that time the installers are no where to be found.

Were you approached by a contractor knocking at your door?  Did they mention that they were in the area and had extra material, and could give you a great deal?  Did they just rattle off a price without giving you any written details as to how the job would be completed?  If the price sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Highland Orchards works on an “as call” basis.  By that meaning, we will never approach you unless you contact us for an estimate.  After we have a good understanding as to what the homeowner is looking for, an estimator will survey the project.  The customer will then receive a written estimate with a DETAILED description as to how Highland Orchards will complete the project.

A resurfaced driveway is one in which the contractor will pave over the existing asphalt, which in turn saves the homeowner cost from asphalt removal, quantity of asphalt, and overall equipment time.  Removal/Repave is just that, the existing driveway would first be removed down to the stone base and then repaved.  NOT ALL DRIVEWAYS CAN BE RESURFACED!  This is very important when hiring a contractor.  If your driveway currently has drainage issues, than more often than not a resurface is not the proper step. 

If your existing driveway has major sinking or excessive cracking, that may be an issue with the underlying base and all asphalt would need to be removed to address the issue.  A driveway should have a minimum of 6” of a modified stone base.  AN ASPHALT DRIVEWAY IS ONLY AS GOOD AS THE STONE BASE UNDERNEITH IT!  If a driveway is a candidate for resurfacing, than the existing blacktop areas around garages, sidewalks, sheds, and road ways should be removed in order for a neat/even tie in of the new blacktop.

Yes. Blacktop stones come in many different shapes and sizes, as well as the sand which is used in the blacktop mix. Therefore, some areas of your newly paved driveway will look a little more textured than others. Especially areas where the workers needed to hand rake out the asphalt. This is strictly cosmetic and completely normal. After your first sealcoat is applied to the surface, the driveway will have a smoother look.

We do not include the cost of spreading topsoil out along the driveway edges in our initial quote. If you would like us to give you a second quote for applying screened topsoil along the edges, raking, seeding, and hay mulching the area, we can certainly do that for you. It is highly recommended that you build up your edges with topsoil or stone for added support in case of tires running of the edge. This will help with the longevity of your new asphalt.

The single biggest scam that lackluster companies and “fly-by-night” pavers impose upon their customers is the thickness in which the new asphalt is applied. If the asphalt is applied too thin, you can guarantee that the driveway surface will not hold up over time. Ask the contractor what the depth of the blacktop will be AFTER compaction. This is important as some contractors will give you the PRE compacted depth. For example, if a contractor gives you a depth of 2” of blacktop, you can assume that the depth AFTER compaction will be closer to 1”. Highland Orchards driveway projects are typically completed at a 3” compacted to 2” for driveway resurfaces, and 3.5” compacted to 2.5” for new or repaved driveways. Again, Highland Orchards will provide a written, detailed explanation of this on the estimate, which the homeowner will receive.

Yes! Chances are if a contractor is unable to provide references of previous customers, they are not a reputable company. Highland Orchards keeps records of previous customers who authorize their information to be given out to potential customers. Therefore you have the opportunity prior to the hiring of our company to inspect previous work, and speak with others as to the overall quality and professionalism of our company.


Yes, we will always give you a tentative start date a couple weeks ahead of time so that you can plan accordingly. Unfortunately, we can not predict the weather. Please understand that our line of business depends heavily upon the weather, and that a rainy day could potentially back up your project to a later start date. We will communicate with the homeowner in the event that their project will begin later than expected.

Your safe bet is to stay off of the surface for at least 48 hours. During the cooler months (April, May, November, December) the asphalt will set quicker than the warmer months (June, July, August, September, October). Even though a driveway has been set for some time, the asphalt is still able to become soft during a sunny or hot day. You will want to be careful about parking in the same spot, and about spinning your steering wheel while the vehicle is not in motion. This will cause friction between your rubber tires and the asphalt and could potentially scuff the surface.

Upon leaving each project, we will provide the customer with an informative booklet titled “Your New Driveway: The How, Why, and When of Asphalt Driveway Care”.

Simple answer is no.  A written warranty is only as good as the person writing it.  What we can promise is that we are reachable during business hours for any questions, issues, or concerns that you may have.    Highland Orchards will evaluate the situation and take the proper steps to ensure that the customer is satisfied.  Highland Orchards greatly appreciates all of the customer referrals that we have received over the years and we will do what it takes to keep our honest reputation in the community.

If you have an issue or concern with a project, please contact Bruce immediately.  We will take the necessary steps to make it right!

Or if you were 100% satisfied with our work, we would love to hear the positive feedback!

Call the office or fill out an online request. You should submit your full name, address, best contact number, and specific project request. Highland Orchards will then provide a detailed written estimate. The quickest and most environmentally friendly option is to provide your email address and an estimate will be sent to you in only a few days. Highland Orchards will never share your email address with any other business! If you are uncomfortable with giving your email address, or simply do not have one, NO WORRIES, we will drop the estimate in the mail.

Not necessarily! If you are simply repairing an existing driveway or surface then we can stop out and take some measurements and get a quote back to you. If you are able to give a full description as to additions that you are looking for, we can write them down and call you while on site if we have any questions. If your project is more elaborate, than Yes, it would be best to speak with you onsite.

Bruce is typically in the office Monday-Friday 8AM – 5PM and Saturdays 6AM-12PM (while in season). We would be more than happy to set up a time to meet with you during these hours as we highly value our family lives outside of work as well. If you are simply not available during these times, other arrangements can be made.

Highland Orchards will never ignore a request for an estimate! Please, if within a week you do not receive an estimate after speaking with Bruce, contact the office as there is a chance the email went into SPAM or the email address was simply typed in wrong.

Yes, discounts are given when neighbors complete their projects at the same time.

Highland Orchards does not require a deposit to begin a project. Upon completion of a project, a homeowner can pay with Cash, Check, or Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover).

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