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Highland Orchards is a family owned and operated business that has been contributing to the West Chester community since 1941. As our farming operation has grown over the past 75 years, so has our variety of services. In the mid 1960’s Highland Orchards laid the groundwork for the Appleville home community. We handled everything from grading foundations and excavating water and septic systems, to paving roads, patios, and sidewalks. After the Appleville project we continued offering these excavating and paving services to the West Chester community. In the 1980’s our farming operation created a separate department dedicated to excavation and paving services in West Chester. Our paving and excavating division is run by the Bruce Hodge. Bruce and his skilled crew have made Highland Orchards the premiere paving company in West Chester and the surrounding region.

The excavating and paving division of Highland Orchards provides the very best in paving services because our family business treats each and every project with the same careful attention to detail that we give to our own property. Customer feedback is of paramount importance to our paving contractors so we are always ready to listen and discuss your paving concerns.

For a Free paving service estimate you can request a quote here on our website, or for time sensitive situations call our office at (610) 269-3494. We respond to emails in just a few days, and we will never share your information with other companies. If you do not have an email address, we will be happy to mail you a paving estimate.

Our paving service in West Chester includes but is not limited to:

  • Residential Driveways.
  • Driveway Expansion.
  • Commercial Parking Lots.
  • New Construction.
driveway paving west chester

Additional Paving Information

At Highland Orchards we pride ourselves on working in your best interests. For example, our talented paving contractors are happy to advise you in whether your driveway requires a resurface or a repave. A resurface is when a paving contractor will pave over the existing asphalt. The resurfacing process can save the homeowner money in the short-term by eliminating the need for asphalt removal, the cost of materials, and the man-hours required to perform the job. However, not all driveways can be resurfaced effectively and efficiently with consideration to the longevity of the driveway. If the current driveway needs repair due to drainage issues, then it is our job to explain and provide the proper remedy for your unique drainage situation. If your driveway is plagued by cracks and sinking, then the underlying issue is likely in the design of the very base, and the only surefire way to correct the problem (long-term) is to remove the preexisting asphalt and assess the quality of the stone base beneath the driveway.

An asphalt or blacktop driveway is only as good as it’s base. Less reliable paving contractors will sell you the quick fix of a resurface when your driveway and or sidewalk issues require a more thorough logistical approach. A few months or short years down the road, when problems recur, the “fly-by-night” contractors are nowhere to be found. Integrity and longevity is what sets Highland Orchards apart from the competition.

Another way in which Highland Orchards paving service stands above the competition is our honest asphalt assessments and advice for continued care of your new driveway. The most common scam committed by fraudulent or incompetent paving contractors relates to the thickness of the applied asphalt. If the new asphalt is applied too thin, it will not stand the test of time. Many such contractors will offer an asphalt depth of 2”, which is a PRE-compacted measurement. This means that after compaction, it will only be 1” thick. Highland Orchards paving service typically provides a 3” PRE-compacted layer of asphalt for resurfacing projects, and 3.5” for new and repaved driveways, which means that POST-compaction the new asphalt is 2.5” thick. With every paving service estimate Highland orchards provides a detailed explanation of why our plan is the very best for your paving needs moving forward. We will also provide you with an informative booklet titled “Your New Driveway: The How, Why, and When of Asphalt Driveway Care”.

Highland Orchards paving contractors in West Chester are here to stay, and provide you with the smart paving services and integrity that give your property’s pavement longevity. A few examples of our satisfied paving service customers from West Chester and surrounding areas includes Hopewell United Methodist Church, East Brandywine Baptist Church, and The Wright Agency in Downingtown, Roman Mosaic & Tile Company in West Chester, and Paving and Site Improvements at Pine Creek Homeowners Association in Exton. Our West Chester paving services provide over 300 new and renovated residential driveways each year, as well as larger parking lot, blacktop, and even tennis court paving projects.

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